Chef’s Nectar, “ Paneer Kofta Curry” 😋😋

Paneer kofta Curry is a rich dish made of rich ingredients and very much nutritious, it is the mixture of cottage cheese/ Paneer which is combined with cashew nuts, Almonds and aromatic herbs and spices. It is been prepared on the special occasions or during the family gatherings. You can enjoy this fabulous dish withContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “ Paneer Kofta Curry” 😋😋”

Chef’s Nectar, “Kolhapuri Palak/Spinach Egg Curry” A pungent dish which will win your heart with love!❤️

Egg curry Anda curry have so many different versions, A dish which every one like the most, A spicy, flavorful, and easy Indian Egg Curry with hard boiled eggs cooked in aromatic, pungent and hot Indian spices with palak/ Spinach and coconut. This dish is very much common and popular in the Maharashtra and KonkaniContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Kolhapuri Palak/Spinach Egg Curry” A pungent dish which will win your heart with love!❤️”

Chef’s Nectar, “Baingan ka Bartha” oye hoe Punjabi !

Aubergine/ eggplant/ Baingan there are some names of this king of vegetable, Smokey roasted eggplant mash with Indian spices, this punjabi baingan bharta is a very popular dish in North India and one of my personal favorite, this dish best accompanied with Naan, Kulcha, paratha or Roti. Ingredients for making the Baingan ka Bartha ForContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Baingan ka Bartha” oye hoe Punjabi !”

Chef’s Nectar, “ Rajasthani Gatta Curry”

Gatta curry or known as Gatte ki subzi is a very popular and traditional authentic curry from Rajasthan .Rajasthan is a dry climate state and so they have less availability of fresh vegetables in the olden times, hence they are use much of flours, dry weeds, let, sangri, grains and pulses for there day toContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “ Rajasthani Gatta Curry””

Chef’s Nectar, “Organic Aloo Palda” Himachali delicacy !😋

One of the best organic recipe in Himachal you know yoghurt you will get at home, potatoes you can get from your fields, so have a famous delicacy of aloo Palda in pahari-style potatoes which cooked in a creamy yogurt gravy with fragrant spices like cloves and cardamom. Tempered with whole coriander seeds. Ingredients ForContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Organic Aloo Palda” Himachali delicacy !😋”

Chef’S,Nectar, “ Mixed Vegetable Manchurian”

One of the most popular cuisine of fast food joint is known as Indo-Chinese food has a long history in India, and one of its most delicious chapters is doubtlessly the manchurian. This dish of vegetable dumplings in a glossy, rich-brown sauce with bold notes of tangy, sweet, spicy and salty is impossible to resistContinue reading “Chef’S,Nectar, “ Mixed Vegetable Manchurian””

Chef’s Nectar, “Mixed Vegetable Kofta Curry”

In this heavenly dish. Deep-fried mixed vegetable balls served with a smooth and delicious rich gravy with dry fruits paste and aromatic herbs based curry a mixed vegetable kofta curry requires a bit of preparation to cook. It is an ideal dish for a party or a special Sunday lunch. Melt in the mouth koftasContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Mixed Vegetable Kofta Curry””

Chef’s Nectar, “Mutter Paneer” It’s Delicious!

Mattar paneer, also known as matar paneer, and mutter paneer is a vegetarian North Indian dish consisting of peas and paneer in a tomato based sauce, spiced with garam masala. It is often served with rice and an Indian type of bread. Various other ingredients are often added, such as “aloo”, corn, yogurt or cream.Continue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Mutter Paneer” It’s Delicious!”

Chef’s Nectar, “ Punjabi Kadhi Pakora”

Kadhi or karhi is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent mostly every where it has it own version and method of preparation, I have made a North Indian most famous and common home made dish Punjabi Kadhi which is rich with tangy flavor and loved by everyone at home. Kadhi consists of a thickContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “ Punjabi Kadhi Pakora””