Chef’s Nectar, “Willow Chicken with Cashew nuts” awesome! 😋

Stir fried dishes are very much healthy and full of proteins and vitamins, so when ever you feel hungry you can follow this quick and easy method to fill your hunger. Enjoy cooking with chef’s nectar, which is especially designed and written to enhance you cooking passion.👍 Ingredients for making the willow chicken😋 60 gmsContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Willow Chicken with Cashew nuts” awesome! 😋”

Chef’s Nectar, “Bottle Gourd Kebabs” healthy !😘

During the evening of you plan to have something exotic and delicious this option of making bottle gourd kebabs are one of the best, with less efforts and quick to make this heavenly delicious will be ❤️ by every one. So try it out and win the hearts of your diners.😋 Ingredients for making theContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Bottle Gourd Kebabs” healthy !😘”

Chef’s Nectar “Ker Sangri ki Subzi” herbal delicacy 🥰

Ker Sangri earliest is known as the nectar of the dried state Rājasthān, where there is less possibility of fresh vegetables, and it’s very much popular and staple dish in the state. Now a days we are getting all diffrent resources of fresh vegetables. But this driedherbal treat one of the best of you willContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar “Ker Sangri ki Subzi” herbal delicacy 🥰”

Chef’s Nectar, “Jaipuri Pithod Masala or Subzi” 🥰

Mera mewar ❤️ is full of moth watering delicacy so most of the items are been prepared with Besen and curd. Besan/gram flour is used extensively in Rajasthani cuisine so as in Marwari cuisine. Gutte ki sabzi, govind gutta, pitthod ki sabzi are few of most popular dishes of this region. Though made with almostContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Jaipuri Pithod Masala or Subzi” 🥰”

Chef’s Nectar, “Three pepper, Olive Chicken Seekh”❤️ delight❤️

There are so many special occasions in our life, so every one have a right to celebrate it in its different way, so here I just give a food for a thought of you, if you want you can surprise someone who is dear to you❤️ with this special nectar’s delight. Which has some specialContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Three pepper, Olive Chicken Seekh”❤️ delight❤️”

Chef’s Nectar, “BBQ Chicken Wings” yumm😋

Chicken wings are very much popular in almost in each and every cuisine, it has its own role in world famous cuisines, in India it’s famous as pankhari kebab, in chinese it could be both BBQ and stir fried, in western also it is famous as BBQ, so here I present a BBQ wings inContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “BBQ Chicken Wings” yumm😋”

Chef’s Nectar, “ Bharwan Tinda/ Apple Gourd! 👌

Apple gourd/ tinda is a water-rich vegetable, it keeps your body cool and healthy, increases urinary flow which helps excrete toxins from the kidney. It also contains a lot of fibers,which helps in digestion, relieves stomach acidity and prevents constipation. it is also very good for healthy skin and hair. So I hope you wouldContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “ Bharwan Tinda/ Apple Gourd! 👌”

Chef’s Nectar, “Stir fried Lamb with garlic and greens” protein yumm🥰

This dish is my personally favorite, weather you cooked along with proteins like meat, lamb or poultry products. what ever you add that will add value to this delight. Their are so many different version of this dish weather vegetarian or non veg. it’s all time famous and liked by almost every one. You mustContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Stir fried Lamb with garlic and greens” protein yumm🥰”

Chef’s Nectar, “Spicy Roasted Lamb Chow mein” delicious😋

You know chow mein is one of the best dishes you could make for a bunch of people/kids is chow mein full of meat, vegetables and awesome taste and flavor. These type of dishes work well because they’re balanced with protein, carbs, and fiber. Addition of vegetables makes it a complete meal. With your littleContinue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “Spicy Roasted Lamb Chow mein” delicious😋”

Chef’s Nectar, “ Lamb Ouzi with spiced Rice” awesome😋

Ouzi is the Lebanese word for a dish of baked lamb and spiced rice. A blend of sweet spices, including allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom, gives the recipe its Middle Eastern accent and makes it a favorite a Ingredients for making the Lamb Ouzi😋 For Lamb Preprations👌 1 1/2 lb. boneless lambSalt and pepper,Continue reading “Chef’s Nectar, “ Lamb Ouzi with spiced Rice” awesome😋”